Being “Proaaaaactiv” in “MAD” Magazine

“MAD” Magazine Issue #522

“Glass Ceiling Plus” in “MAD” Magazine

“MAD” Magazine Issue #545 (back cover)

“Brutally Honest Park Bench Plaques” in “MAD” Magazine

“MAD” Magazine Issue #550

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“Soldiers of Misfortune” in “MAD” Magazine

“MAD” Magazine Issue #531

“A City Divided By A Beak” in the “NY Times”

A City Divided by a Beak BY ALISON GRAMBS Dear Diary: Third Avenue bus pulled over by frantic man on street. Explains he must retrieve friend’s escaped pet bird from roof of bus. Bird Sitter begs Alarmed Driver to let him climb on top of bus to rescue pet. Driver says no, too dangerous. Bird […]

“What the He’ll?” in the “Huffington Post”

“What the He’ll?” By Alison Grambs Like most Americans, I like to complain. Whatever has irked me – be it a problem at work, a squabble with my parents, a politician’s latest scandal, a friend’s thoughtless remark, or just a spontaneous burst of exasperation with my life in general, I relish in the rant. Also […]


“Holding Hands”  by Alison Grambs A few months ago I was walking home from work along a side street of Manhattan. Casually strolling towards me was a distinguished man and woman who looked to be in their mid-seventies. They were holding hands. I was holding my cell phone. They were quietly talking to each other […]

“Unabridged Signs That Tell It Like It Is” in “MAD” Magazine


“How To Annoy the Staff at Dollar Tree” in “MAD” Magazine


“Would You Like Beet Root With That?”

“WOULD YOU LIKE BEET ROOT WITH THAT?” By Alison Grambs “WHAT DO YOU MEAN, NO TURKEY???”  I have never sent an angrier text in my life. Ping! “We are having my famous Native American pumpkin chili,” Mother just texted back.  “You liked it last year.”   No.  I did not like it last year!   In fact, […]


“Shroud of Tamago” by Alison Grambs Last year, a few weeks before Christmas, a gnarly mole on my shoulder was deemed ‘highly suspicious’ by my dermatologist. Although the biopsy results weren’t in yet, I prepared for the worst. Death. Just two months shy of my fortieth birthday a growth the size of a peanut was […]