My “The Shroud of Tamago” Humor Essay- Alison Grambs

“Shroud of Tamago” by Alison Grambs Last year, a few weeks before Christmas, a gnarly mole on my shoulder was deemed ‘highly suspicious’ by my dermatologist. Although the biopsy results weren’t in yet, I prepared for the worst. Death. Just two months shy of my fortieth birthday a growth the size of a peanut was […]

My “To The Fruit Cart Guy On My Corner” Personal Essay- Alison Grambs

“TO THE FRUIT CART GUY ON MY CORNER” by Alison Grambs Dear Mr. Fruit Cart Guy On My Corner: I do not know how old you are. I do not know from what country you hail.   I do not know whether you are married or single, straight or gay. I do not know where […]

My “Les Hamburgers in the City of Light and Strikes and Floods” Personal Essay

IMG 0908

Les Hamburgers in the City of Light and Strikes and Floods by Alison Grambs It was hard not to take it personally. The moment my mother and I stumbled off the plane onto Parisian soil this past June, the city was getting away from itself in a most unusual way. Too-close-for-comfort terrorism alerts were being […]

My “The Biker and the Flag” Letter to the Editor, the “New York Times”- Alison Grambs

Stories From A Stricken Land “The Biker and the Flag” by Alison Grambs To the Editor: I was waiting for the bus on East 57th Street on Wednesday evening, the day after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The city was eerily quiet, and I could find no reason to […]

My “The Smart Girl’s Guide To Getting Even”- Featured in The “Daily News”- Alison Grambs

“The Smart Girl’s Guide To Getting Even” (Book Excerpt Featured in the “Daily News”)  By Alison Grambs If you spend too much time saying yes when you want to say no, do things you don’t want to do just to please your friends, and feel like a total pushover, then you need to follow the Smart […]

My “To the Creep Who Pushed Me” Essay- featured in “Metropolitan Diary”, The “New York Times”-Alison Grambs

To the Creep Who Pushed Me by Alison Grambs Dear Diary: To the Creep Who Pushed Me On the Street: You may think you won today. But you didn’t. You may think that you intimidated me with that glare you gave me as I sat stunned on the ground. But you didn’t. You may think […]