Yes, yes, in this economy, it certainly is tempting to save your money for important purchases like groceries and toilet paper. But where’s the fun in that?  

Check out these non-Pulitzer Prize winning books I wrote.

“Dad Jokes” hit the Barnes & Noble bestseller list for Father’s Day!

     Everybody loves a Dad Joke!

So get the laughs going with these

Quirky Quips! Playful Puns! Goofy Gags! 

Coworker getting on your nerves?  Friend causing you grief?  How ’bout that annoying neighbor who reads your mail?  Well, now’s your chance to get even with them all! Excerpts from this book were featured in New York’s Daily News!

Ah, the mystery that is Man!  In this handy dandy guide all your questions about what makes him tick are finally answered.                                                                   Heck, this book was even featured                                 on the Today show!

Boo!  Trick or Treat!  Spooky and scary Halloween jokes for the little monsters in your life.

Christmas isn’t just about getting gifts!  It’s about having funny jokes to tell Santa when he climbs down the chimney, cursing you for having switched to those electric fireplace logs.

The first kids’ joke book I wrote, and it still makes my heart go pitter patter with fond memories.  Tons of fun with puns!

Knock knock.                                                                      Who’s there?                                                                               A cute book of knock knock jokes for kids. Oh, well, that sort of answers the knock knock part, so um, I guess we’re done here?

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?  Well, this is your lucky day.   Here’s “The Man Translator” in German!  Jawohl!

And here it is in Romanian!                                                So cool how binoculars look the same in Romanian, huh?