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“Here’s Why I Suck, Gramma… A Bedtime Story For Grown-Ups Who Need To Grow Up” – by Alison Grambs


So…..the story goes something like this:

In 1985, Ali’s grandmother gave her a handwritten book.

But Ali didn’t want a book.
Ali was a busy New York City teenager.
She wanted a career. And a boyfriend. And a puppy.
So, Ali didn’t read her grandmother’s book.

28 years later, Ali was a happy New York City grown-up.
With a cool career. A cool husband. And a cool puppy.
But now her grandmother was dead. And Ali still hadn’t read that book.

1 year later, Ali was a cranky New York City grown-up.
So, Ali, and that husband, and that puppy moved. To a new state. To start a new life.  And still, Ali hadn’t read that book.

But Ali’s new life made her miss her old life.
And soon Ali found herself smack in the middle of a midlife crisis. She needed help figuring out who she was. And how she wanted her life to be…

So, Ali finally cracked open her grandmother’s book.


 “Here’s Why I Suck, Gramma…

A Bedtime Story For Grown-Ups Who Need To Grow Up.”

An interactive testament to the power of the handwritten word in the digital age. A comically illustrated tribute to a long gone grandmother by a shortsighted granddaughter. 

29 years and 1069.3 miles.

That’s what it took for a grandparent’s history to become a grandchild’s story.

I really hope you’ll read this story. Because it’s my grandmother’s story. And the story of my failure to care about her story when she first imparted it to me decades earlier.

It’s a wake-up call for grown-ups who might need a little nudge in the right direction.

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That’ll show ’em.