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“Was Footloose; Now Friggin’ Frozen”- by Alison Grambs

To the Radio DJ who just played the theme from ‘Footloose’ and then that ‘Let It Go’ song from ‘Frozen’:

What you were thinking following such an awesome and classic anthem of my generation’s youth with that shrieking mess of musical whining? Just when my feet felt as if they would never stop tapping…and I was doing some mighty fine time traveling back to my pimply teen years, when life was so much simpler and yet, somehow more profound at the same time… you broke this much-needed musical trance I was in and changed the mood so draastically.  

Good Sir/Madam: I used to dance in the streets to that amazing ‘Footloose’ song. Those awesome guitar chords were the best every strummed…that synthesized powerhouse of sound could launch me into fits of ecstacy…the memory of Kevin Bacon stomping and bouncing and doing his fancy footwork along the walls…well, it all served to empower a generation, dear DJ of Anonymity.  I was simply reveling here in ‘Footloose’ perfection., and it was just about the finest feeling EVER!

And then you went ahead and ruined it. 

Now my formerly footloosed blood is suddenly  ‘frozen’ with frustration and my feet are feeling just a little less ‘loose.’ I cannot breathe, I cannot think, I cannot write, and I probably won’t be able to ever listen to the radio again for fear of suffering, once again, the trauma I have just endured. 
I will do my best to ‘let’ this travesty of justice ‘go’ as I am woman enough to recognize that many little kids love that movie and that song. Even some adults. But trust me when I say that their love for THAT movie and THAT song doesn’t even come one icicle close to the unwavering, decades-long adoration MY generation has for Kevin Bacon and the Kenny Loggins tune to which Mr. Bacon so bravely footloosed his forbidden dance in that town of sadness and misguided blame. 

But I forgive you…

In the future, please think before you so cruelly wound the souls of your Generation X listeners. I shudder to think what you’ll play after the theme from ‘The Breakfast Club.’