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Y R U Here ?

Perhaps you were scouring eBay for shrunken heads and accidentally hit the wrong tab? Or maybe you were trying to find out whatever became of that French guy you dated in college and got misdirected here somehow? Or, quite possibly, you are looking for porn featuring famous historical figures. Well, regardless of how you ended up on this blog, the point is you’re here. If you stay a while, that would be nice. I like visitors. It gets lonely out here in Cyberspace. But if you leave? Well, that’s fine, too. I’ll dissolve into a puddle of tears, of course, and be reduced to a blubbering mass of sadness. But it’s fine. Really. Don’t let my feelings get in the way of your life.

So, go on. Make your decision.

I’ll wait…

Still here? Great! That’s either because you’re curious about this site, or your cursor jammed.

Either way, welcome!



Alison Grambs