“Mystery Family”- by Alison Grambs

IMG_7925Dear Family That I’ve Never Met Who Sent Me a Holiday Card:

I have no idea who you are, but thank you for sending me that most beautiful holiday card.

The family portrait you included is stellar! What a set of genes between the lot of you. And I’m particularly impressed that you were all able to squeeze together onto that scenic wooded rock formation for the photographer. (Ansel Adams, I’m guessing?) How did you all balance in that position for so long? With such ingratiating and warm smiles nonetheless. (Not sure about the skirt one of you chose to wear for the photo, to be honest. Paisley doesn’t seem all that festive a print to me. But to each her own, right?)

The fact that you cared enough to include me in your holiday card mailing (with first class postage nonetheless) truly warms my heart. No doubt a good looking and jovial family such as yours has many friends on the list for cards, so I consider it a personal victory of sorts that I made the cut. And I firmly believe that you really do want me to have a pleasant “holiday season” and “all the best” (not some of it…ALL) in 2015.

You guys rock.

And despite the fact that I’ve never seen your adorable faces before in my life, heard your names, or even been to the address you list on the return portion of the envelope,  it’s certainly nice to know that you are thinking of me from so many miles away. Clearly, I am in your thoughts and prayers, not to mention your Shutterfly account. In fact, I’m feeling a bit guilty now. I realize how egregiously remiss I’ve been in failing to include YOU on my Christmas card list this year. Truth be told, I didn’t send out cards this year at all. My bad. Too much going on with the new puppy and the move to get around to it. So, there you most likely are, sitting in your home right now wondering where my holiday card to YOU is, right?

Shame on me! 

Worse still, not once this year did I think to wish any of YOU any kindnesses. A Happy Birthday…a tree-filled Arbor Day…a warm and wistful Presidents’ Day. Damn it all to hell! I just let every single important day of the calendar year go without recognizing your family as important to me. Geez, I didn’t even think to wish you well on Halloween.

Can’t imagine how this must make you feel. I’m an awful person, and I apologize for letting you down.

Still, despite my own shortcomings, you sent me your beautiful and thoughtful holiday card. Clearly, you are a better family than I am a human being- you thought to do what so few people do in this age: care about a stranger. 

So, thank you, Mystery Family, from the bottom of my abashed heart- for reminding me of all that is good and kind and postal about this otherwise cruel world. You took on the responsibility of sending me tangible well wishes for the holiday season and I want to assure you that your altruistic efforts warmed my heart and made me feel oh-so special. 

I look forward to your holiday card in 2015, and many years thereafter. Perhaps, one day, we can meet up and pose for a picture on that wooded rock formation, no? I will wear paisley.

Warmest regards,


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4 Responses to ““Mystery Family”- by Alison Grambs”

  1. nancy says:

    Did you read the note at the bottom that said they were coming to stay with you?

  2. Bob Rumba says:

    You will not be on the wooded rock formation in paisley …. You don’t own any paisley & if you did I bet you still wouldn’t wear it.
    Educated Christmas Guess ,
    Bob Rummmmba

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